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"Iavor ID"
4230 Assenopvgrad
6 "Vuzrozhdenci" Str.

comm. department: +359331 64767, +359887925900

chief engineer constructor Mitev: tel. +359888 862716



ID N: 825 395 602
Tax N: BG 825 395 602

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Monday - Friday: 8 - 17 ч

Company JSC "Yavor-ID" produce glued beams of various sizes up to 15 meters in length.

слепени греди слепени греди

"Iavor-ID" is a mill with a 50-year history.

The factory started as a small shop for manufacturing doors, windows and furniture and permanently enriched its production. During the last 20 years the firm has been offering to its customers prefabricated wooden houses (PWH).

The Javor family of prefabricated houses is an ideal solution to the need to build houses quickly and easily in any conditions. Whether You require a house, a villa, a kindergarten, an office or a club - You have only to order it form us. A camping or a village complex are not a problem for Javor either. The prefabricated houses family is represented by models with different area of structure. The same buildings can be used in camping or in village complex building.

The functional arrangement of the space conforms to the requirements of maximum cosiness, comfort, sound and heat insulation.

The walls are compositions of uniform wall elements "sandwich type", which consist of gypsum fiberboard - mineral wool - gypsum fiberboard. Outside, the walls can be covered with mineral coat, inside they can be painted or covered with wallpaper.

The whole construction guarantees enough sound and heat insulation to satisfy the demands of the client. The ceiling panels differ slightly from the wall panels. The roofing structure consists of triangular supports made of coniferous wood. The roof itself can be made of any type of cover material. The eaves are coated with an ornamental coniferous wood lining.

The windows are stucked together or wooden windows for glass packet, completed with shutters. The doors can be made of coniferous wood, pressured with MDF or MDF-Skins. The glazing is done on site. The electrical and water installations are installed according to the international standarts and requirements for this kind of activity. The complete assembly is effectuated done by specialists. The buildings is handed over on turnkey conditions, if the client wishes so.

The prefabricated houses are fulfilled in normal, northen and tropical variant. They are designed for yearround use as villas, living houses or administrative buildings, either in populated areas or outside them. All kinds of doors and windows are included in the Javor list of products.