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One – stored prefabricated construction Model SK 26 /build up area 26sqm/

Model SK 26
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The prefabricated house consist of:   

  • Drawing-room - 17,82 м2;
  • WC - 4,28 м2.

Construction: over a previously prepared foundation are build up the outside and inside walls sandwich type with thickness 8,6sm and height 2,40m, which are made of fiberboard+ wooden frame+ mineral wool for insulation+ fiberboard. In the wall’s elements is built in gofer for the electric installation leaded up to brackets. The both sides of the walls are covered with wooden paneling, excluding the sanitary room. The ceiling follows the inclination of the roof slope. It is made of purlins and ribs and it is battened with wooden lagging and roof paper. It is recommended the roof covering to be made from light materials. The floor is made depending from the client’s choice. For the assembling are used standard ironworks as planks, anchors, screws and others.

Woodwork: wooden triply glass package windows with German facing and sealing, varnished with SIKKENS in color chosen from catalogue, with glass package 4+16+4mm.

Doors: the entrance and inside doors are made of coniferous wood, varnished.

Technical Parameters:

  • Heat transfer coefficient - 0.088 W/m2
  • Difference between decibel levels - Eb=-55 dB
  • Fire resistance - 30 min
  • Snow loading - 2000 N/m2
  • Wind loading - 1000 N/m2
  • Combined snow and wind loading of the end panel - 4060 N/m2
  • Normal life - 50 years
  • The prefabricated houses are up to the requirements of the Specialized Standards OH-0372492-81 and OH-0372493-81.

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