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The functional building plans of the houses satisfied the requirements for maximum comfort and meets the international standards for thermal and noise insulation.
The houses consist of sitting room, kitchen WC, one, two or more bedrooms, depending how big the model is. The prefabricated houses consist of different constructive element, which build the house with suitable fitting between them. The base element is "sandwich type", which consist of wooden frame filled with insulating material - mineral wool, coated with folio at one side.
This construction guarantees enough thermal and noise insulation.
Depending from the geographical zone and the weather conditions the panel can be worked out in different variants. The panels are two kinds - outside and inside panels.
     The panel can be coated with gypsum fiber boards made by KNAUF, fiber board, water resist, OSB, which gives to the panel different thickness - 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm until 260mm.
The wooden frame made of coniferous wood is fitted to the panel and it has the function of air bag and increases the thermal and noise insulation. Outside the walls of the panel can be coated depending of the customer request with wooden paneling (vertical, horizontal, American, Finnish imitating logs). Another variant is mineral coating. It can be putted penopolystyrol fitted to the panel. The inside walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper.


ROOF CONSTRUCTION. The supporting construction is built of wooden trusses with ribs. For a double-pitched roof the area under the roof is closed by end-wall trusses, which are coated with wooden paneling, completed with eaves and front boards. The four-pitched roof construction is with purlin, ribs and beams. For the roof covering can be putted tiles, Onduline, Bardoline etc. Between the wooden construction and the roof covering can be putted additive hydro and thermal insulating materials - roofing paper, wool and others.

WOODWORK. The windows can be single or double windows, or windows for glass packet. The company offers 3-layer woodwork for glass packet made by German standards. The window can be open in two planes - horizontally and vertically and is lacquered in color by client's desire. The windows can be completed with wooden shutters.

Doors. The outside doors are made of coniferous wood, lacquered. The inside doors are pressured with American MDF (KRAFTMASTERS) skins, lacquered or massive.

WOODEN FLOORING. The prefabricated construction will be build on prepared fundament - On the basement they are strips made of concrete, which have underground and over ground part. The over ground part must be not less than 300-500mm and 200-300mm wide. The base must be with good nivelation. Floor covering - recommended for the WC, kitchens and sanitary rooms is the putting of terracotta and in the rest of the rooms - wooden flooring made of coniferous wood.